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Digital TDS / PPM Meter

Want to buy a digital TDS or PPM Meter? Measure the PPM Level with our TDS or PPM Meter ✓ Secure payment ✓ Fast Delivery ✓ Your TDS meter from € 19.95
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EC & TDS Meter
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Digital TDS / PPM Meter

Digital TDS Meter - Measure PPM 

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter test the concentration of dissolved solids in a liquid. Geionizerede certain solutes such as salts, minerals and increase the conductiviteti of a liquid, a TDS measuring the conductivity meter and calculates this, a TDS value, expressed in parts per million.

A TDS value is linked to the purity and quality of a liquid. The lower this value is, the less polluting particels are located in the liquid. A good monitoring TDS is especially recommended for the control of drinking water, water hardness, aquariums, aquaculture, hydroponics, pools and spas, food processing, industrial cleaning, laboratory ...